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Five Tips to Stop a Bird From Flying into Your Window

May 20th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Spring is here and the birds are out.  I know because one of them keeps flying into my window.  The first time it happened, I thought it was a random accident.  But when I kept hearing the same, awful thud against the glass, I realized that the poor little robin wasn’t going to stop.  Luckily, a quick Google search revealed the result I needed even before I finished typing (love that new feature!).  Many websites came up including, which was very informative.

I quickly learned why the robin kept banging itself on my window.  It was either seeing a reflection of the tree next to my house, or seeing a reflection of itself and therefore, wanting to attack that “other” bird.  Suddenly it made sense!  I did more reading and here are the five main tips I learned to save my feathered friend:

1) Forget spring cleaning – at least when it comes to windows.  Dirty windows can help reduce the glass reflection.

2) If you don’t like dirt, how about soap?  Smudging your windows with soap or another product to make the glass opaque will definitely kill the reflection.

3) Go for a party theme: tape balloons to the outside of your window.  Anything that hangs or moves and blocks the window will deter the bird from flying into it.

4) If you’re like me and have a lot of houseplants, try making them not so visible from the outside.  No need to give the birds any false hope of a soft place to land.

5) If all else fails, block off the window entirely with a piece of cardboard, aluminum foil or colored saran wrap.  It’ll block your view, but the good news is that you’ll help save a bird!

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