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New Writers, New Topics – Still Good News!

February 28th, 2009 · 2 Comments

We are Simone, Channon, Michelle, John and Monika. We all met sitting near each other in gray and blue cubicles and working in mass entertainment. We find entertainment mesmorizing, and we often write about it. But we also think that many of the really interesting things in life are self-generated and peer-promoted.

After almost 1 and a half years of trying to find only the good news out there for this good news site we’ve created, we realized that we couldn’t shut ourselves off to all the other stuff out there worthy of your attention.

So, now we’re writing about life as we see it and as it happens – rosey or not rosey, neat or messy, straightforward or crooked, sensible and insane…, funny or way-off-the-mark young or young-at-heart…. (you can fill in the rest…aren’t antonyms a fun way to fill a page? – try it on your next company memo, better yet – start rattling some off when you’re called on to comment in your next boring meeting…’brilliant’ they’ll all be thinking…brilliant).

Check back in with us and you’ll find all sorts of things: reviews, current events simplified, travel, rants and raves, good old good news and generally whatever floats out of John’s head…like all those images of kangeroos boxing with people.

And we also have our newest member – meet Monika. Monika spends her excess energy on publishing poetry, taking photos and generally inspiring us all to take a closer look at the good bits. Check out her first article here below:

(oh…and you will learn very very soon, that we love lists…)

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